Has your financial information been compromised?

If your financial information is compromised, you may discover that your accounts have been emptied, or your credit card was used fraudulently. Most experienced scammers will only take small amounts of money at a time which may slip under your radar for some time. The purchases or withdrawals may initially seem legitimate which makes it difficult for you and your financial institution to discover. 

Suggested actions:

  1. Don’t click on links contained in emails from your financial institution. These may be scams. Most financial institutions don’t use links in emails for this very reason. 
  2. Contact your financial institution using their correct contact details found on their website to establish what information has been compromised.
  3. Monitor your bank account transactions online and bank account statements. If you spot any purchases that you believe you didn’t make, immediately report these to your bank.
  4. Change your online banking account passwords. Use a different password to those on separate accounts.
  5. Consider using multi-factor authentication for your accounts. This requires you to confirm your identity with two or more pieces of evidence (such as a password and a security code sent to your mobile phone). This makes it more difficult for someone to gain access to your online accounts.
  6. Change your banking PIN (Personal Identification Number).
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