Are you being cyberbullied?

The best option to combat cyberbullies is to ignore them. If this isn't possible there are other options. Many online games, apps and social networking sites have reporting and resourcing options built into their apps. The Office of the eSafety Comissioner ( has instructions on how to access security settings.

Suggested actions to take:

  1. Don’t respond to their comments—try to ignore them.
  2. Use all the tools available to block or mute the bully—if they reappear under a different name, block or mute them again.
  3. Minimise exposure—if possible, try to switch off from the device that is causing you concern. For example, create a safe haven at night by leaving the device in another room. 
  4. Report the person to the website or social media administrators—if they reappear under a different name, report them again. 
  5. If the website or social media site refuses to take action, you can report them to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. They will need to see actual examples of the cyberbullying material that is being reported. You can do this by sending through URLs or web addresses, screenshots, scanned printouts of any messages or photos and videos in a report.
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